The first day of the 2017 NFL Draft was a good one for NFL fans in Portland, Oregon.

The NFL announced it had signed a deal with Ticketmaster to distribute its games to all 48 of its teams.

In a statement to ESPN, Ticketmaster said it would continue to partner with the NFL on all of its ticket sales and the company was excited to continue working with the league.

The announcement comes on the heels of the NFL and Ticketmaster reaching a new deal to help cover the costs of the draft.

The NFL Draft is a great way for fans to see the games in person.

While the draft is only one part of the season, there are plenty of reasons to go to games in Oregon and surrounding areas, including a new NFL stadium in downtown Portland, the Oregon Trail, the first leg of the Pac-12 football championship game, and the NFL Draft.

If you want to catch all of the games and other live events at your favorite locations, you can find out more about all of them on the NFL website.

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