This year, we have an opportunity to get an update on the 2017 NBA Finals, and we’ll start by talking about the Golden State Warriors.

The Warriors were swept by the Cleveland Cavaliers in six games this year, and they’re set to face the San Antonio Spurs in the first round of the 2017 playoffs.

The two teams will be meeting for the third time this season, and it’ll be their fourth meeting in the postseason.

The Spurs have won four straight games against the Warriors in San Antonio, and San Antonio has the best record in the NBA when it comes to winning their first round series.

The Cleveland Cavaliers swept the Warriors last season, but the Warriors have been the favorites in this series.

While this year’s matchup isn’t as close as it was in 2017, this is still a big game for the two teams, and the Warriors will be ready to get rolling.

In the past, the Warriors lost to the Cavs in the Finals after losing to them in five games in the regular season.

Now, the Cavaliers will look to bounce back and secure a top seed in the Western Conference.

The San Antonio team is expected to win its first round matchup against the Golden States, and this will be their first meeting since April.

The Cavs will look for a second straight sweep of the Warriors, as the Warriors defeated them in the 2017 Finals.

Golden State and San Francisco are set to meet in the second round of next season’s playoffs, and if the Warriors can get past the Cavs, this could be their best chance to repeat their historic 2014-15 championship.

This series is expected a close one, as it’s the only time this series has been played since the 2010 NBA Finals.

The NBA has changed its rules in the past two years, and in 2017-19, teams have to play the full five minutes before being awarded a second half.

The 2018-19 regular season schedule will also be significantly changed, as there will be two new conferences in the league.

The league will add two new divisions, with the Big 12 becoming the first conference to add two divisions.

This means that there will now be a total of eight divisions in the 2018-2019 season, which will be the second-biggest league in the country.

For the 2017/18 season, the league had the following divisions in total: East: Atlantic 10 Conference West: Pacific-12 Conference South: Big South Conference North: Big Ten Conference Central: ACC Central Atlantic Division Northeast: Big East Division Midwest: Big 12 Conference West Coast: Mountain West Conference North Central: Pac-12 Central West Atlantic Division Midwest-Southeast: Big West Conference Southeast: Big 10 Conference Southeast-Southwest: Pac 12 Central Southwest: Big Six Conference West Central-South: ACC Atlantic Division Central-North: Big Eight Conference East-West: ACC Coastal Division East-South Central: Big Southeast Conference West-East: ACC Southern Conference West Southwest-North Central: SEC Atlantic Division West-South West-North-South-South Midwest-West-East-South Northeast-West Southeast-West Southwest-South Southwest-East Southwest-West South-East South-West Central-East Central-West Northeast-South Southeast-North Southwest-Central West-West Atlantic Central-Central Atlantic-Central Southeast-East Southeast-Midwest-South Pacific-West Pacific-South South-South East-North West-Central-West West-Pac-12 West-SEC East-Central Central-Atlantic-South Atlantic-North Atlantic-South Pac-10 West-ACC Coastal Atlantic-Pac 12 South Atlantic-SEC Atlantic-Big East West-Big Ten Coastal Atlantic Central Atlantic-Atlantic Southwest-SEC Southwest-ACC West-Southeastern Atlantic Southwest-Pac 10 Southwest-Big South West-Texas Tech West-Wisconsin East-Satellite South West Central Central-Sierra West-Georgia East-Big 12 West-Sun Belt West-Southern East-Pac 13 West-American East-Texas Southern-Texas West-Florida Atlantic-Florida Southern-Ohio Valley West-Alabama West-Arkansas East-Ohio Central-Texas State East-Houston West-Cincinnati East-Michigan East-Kansas State East (new) East Central-Oklahoma West-Pittsburgh East-Mississippi State East West Central East-Georgia Southern West-Maryland Central West-Kentucky East-LSU West-Iowa West-Ohio State East Central West West-Michigan State West-Missouri West-Penn State East East West South West West West Central West Central South Central West East Central South West South Central East West West South East West East West North Central West South-Stony Brook East West Southwest West East East-East Texas East West (new ) West-Okla East West Southeast East-Southern West East-Nebraska East West Southern-Western Texas East-Wisconsin West West (old) East West Atlantic East West Georgia East West Texas-Baylor West-Bama West-California West-Colorado West-Miami West-Mont