By The Associated Press – NEW YORK (AP) It’s the first time the world has seen a female game developer.

And it’s not just a first for female game developers.

It’s also a first in gaming, a category that has become increasingly diverse and diverse-looking in recent years.

For years, women in gaming were rare, but they’ve been getting more attention.

The first female games writers were hired in 2006, and the first female developers in the industry were announced last year.

Now there are about 12,000 women working in the video game industry.

And more women are working in design, writing, art and even games themselves.

Some of those women are making games that are more popular than ever.

But some are making titles that have been around for years.

The first female video game designer was Alison Bechdel, who created the cartoon show “Gone Girl.”

The first game designer to make a film was Nancy Cartwright, whose short story “The Color Purple” was published in 1951.

And there’s a reason for that.

The industry has seen strong growth over the past decade.

In 2016, the industry’s gross domestic product hit $2.9 trillion, according to research firm Gartner.

But that growth rate has slowed since then.

That’s partly because the recession hurt the video gaming industry.

But it’s also because video games are becoming more popular with young people and minorities.

In the U.S., women made up 17.3 percent of the video games market in 2016, up from 10.6 percent in 2013, according, according Gartcom.

That was up from 8.5 percent in 2011.

The most popular female games in the U.-S.

were “Mortal Kombat,” a fighting game with characters like the female character Katana and the male character Killer Instinct.

The most popular male games in 2016 were “Doom” and “Battlefield 1.”