AARP members are upset that Ohio State is hosting the NCAA college basketball tournament in Cleveland.

“Ohio State has shown they have a commitment to the Big Ten conference and the Buckeyes will be the Big 12 champions, but the league’s players should be very upset that the league is holding a tournament in their backyard,” said Adam Lister, an associate director at the Association for Professional and Emerging Leaders.

“It’s time for the Big Twelve to do something about this.”

Cleveland is scheduled to host the tournament in 2020.

The Big 12 had planned to hold the NCAA tournament in 2019, but a conference scheduling conflict meant the conference missed out on the 2019 event.

The league has not responded to a request for comment about the conference tournament.

The Ohio State men’s basketball team, the No. 1 seed in the NCAA men’s college basketball championship tournament, is scheduled for a Feb. 22 game against No. 8 Kansas in the Sweet 16.

The Buckeyes are the first team in NCAA history to reach two consecutive Final Fours, and they have reached the NCAA championship game five times in the past six seasons.

The NCAA said on Thursday it is not a factor in the decision.