As soon as the new year comes around, Disney-Marvel and Pixar-Marvel studios are expected to announce their next major movies, with the first official announcement coming sometime this month.

We already know that Disney-Lucasfilm is in the middle of prepping a new entry in the Star Wars saga, but what about Pixar?

And why would Disney-Disney decide to release a film starring a woman who was a part of the Pixar team?

That’s what we’ve learned from some of the most interesting news that we’ve heard in recent weeks, from interviews with various Disney and Pixar executives.

Some of the new information comes from leaked internal documents, which shed light on the film’s plot and cast.

We already know the film will feature the return of Luke Skywalker, who was left in charge of the Resistance after the Battle of Endor.

We also know that there will be a “greater adventure” in the movie, and we know that Luke’s mom, Leia, will be playing a major role.

Disney-pixar is hoping to build upon the success of their recent hit Cars and will try to make a sequel for the film that will have a “tremendous” cast.

There are a lot of reasons to love this film, but the biggest is that it’s an opportunity for the company to make the next chapter in their long-running series.

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a female character in a Pixar film, and there have been a number of films starring women, including The Incredibles and Finding Nemo.

The last Pixar film to feature a female director was 1998’s Coco, and it was pretty obvious that women were not welcome.

It seems that this time around, Pixar is looking to give women a voice.

There’s also a chance that the new film will include a female lead.

If Disney is looking for a female star to play a leading role, this is a great chance to have.

Of course, it would be pretty unfair to expect a woman to be a lead in a blockbuster film if she doesn’t know her lines.

Disney has been trying to improve their ability to develop characters and directors for decades, but it’s been difficult.

When it comes to hiring women directors and casting them for big-budget films, there’s still a long way to go.

Pixar is a company that was founded by a man and is staffed entirely by men, so if a woman was the head of Pixar at the start, there would be little chance for them to overcome the gender gap in the industry.

But that’s not the case anymore.

Disney is finally starting to make progress, and the new movie could give women an opportunity to shine.

While the release of a female-led film is exciting news for fans, the more interesting news comes from internal documents.

According to some of these documents, the team behind the next Star Wars film is currently discussing a female Captain Phasma.

Phasma was a major character in the comics and is featured in both the comic book series and the animated series.

The original script for Phasma has her being played by a woman.

A new trailer, showing her as a young female, has been released recently.

Phasing Phasma in and out of the franchise is something that could change the film forever, but that seems unlikely.

The studio is trying to keep the plot of the film focused on a young woman who is trying her best to lead the Resistance.

In this way, Phasma could become a part-time member of the team as the plot progresses.

Disney’s next film is a little different from the others.

It’s more about a young Jedi, who will be trained in the ways of the Force.

It looks like there will still be a female pilot on the team, but they will be in charge instead of a man.

This makes the movie even more intriguing for fans of the comics, who would love to see more female characters in the series.

We have a ton of theories as to what’s going on in this film.

It sounds like Phasma will be the star of the movie.

She’s an incredibly powerful character who is also a Jedi.

She is the ultimate leader of the Jedi.

And if she is the lead, we’re going to be excited to see her grow into a powerful Force-user.

This is what we would expect from a woman with a lightsaber, but we’re not sure if it’s going to happen.

Disney already announced that Phasma would be playing the lead in the next film, so we expect her to be in that film.

We’re not even sure if she’s in the sequel, but Phasma seems like a strong fit for the role.

We’ve seen other female characters get the part before, and Phasma is probably the most experienced of them all.

So it’s hard to see the casting change. We don