How to Play Free-To-Play Games ArmA: Combined Arms is a free-to play shooter, set in a realistic modern day Africa.

Players can purchase gear, train and deploy units to defend their country against invading armies and enemy forces.

It’s available on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Linux.

The game offers free to play for the first two months.

ArmA: Operation Arrowhead is a real-time strategy game.

Players command their army and defend their territory in an epic battle against the enemy.

The latest ArmA update also introduces the free-roaming game War Thunder.

War Thunder is an online multiplayer game with a focus on fast-paced, turn-based combat.

In the ArmA series, players can create their own personal online avatar, which can then be controlled by other players.

These avatars can be used in the game’s online modes, and can be upgraded through special gear.

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