Republicans are making gains in the polls, but are losing the election.

It’s not just that they’re losing their own party, but the nation as a whole.

They’re losing control of both houses of Congress, the Senate and the White House, but they’re also losing control in the White Houses and governors mansions.

The Republican Party is losing both of its bases.

It is now losing its political identity.

The only way it can turn the tide of the election is to start winning elections again.

And the only way to win again is to begin winning the presidency again.

That is the strategy the GOP has taken for years now.

And it’s a strategy that they are currently losing.

They have lost their appeal to the middle and lower classes.

They are losing their appeal with voters who identify as independents and Republicans.

The problem for the GOP is that this election cycle, there are three distinct groups of voters who are being left out of the GOP.

The first group, the traditional GOP base, has been abandoned by the party, the second group, which is the moderate GOP base that is comprised of independents and Democrats, has shown some signs of catching up to the Republicans.

But in this election, the third group, that they call the Trump base, is in the majority, and they are not going away.

Trump voters are the party’s future.

The Democrats are losing that future.

And in fact, the Democrats are starting to lose their future.

When I spoke with Sen. Cory Booker, D-NJ, on Monday, he said that the Republicans had to change their strategy if they want to win.

“We have to find a way to reconnect with the voters who didn’t vote for President Obama.

We have to reach them.

We can’t lose them.

They were our future,” he said.

That’s what they’re trying to do.

But it’s going to take more than just appealing to voters in the middle class and the middle, it’s also reaching out to the base of the Republican Party that’s left the party in disarray.

They can’t win the election if they’re not reaching out.

They cannot win if they don’t reach out to people who are disillusioned with the party.

And if they lose their base, the only path forward is to win elections again and to elect a president who represents the middle of the spectrum.

This is why Trump is so successful at winning elections.

He appeals to people across the spectrum of American society.

He talks about issues and challenges that everyone has and tries to appeal to everyone.

He’s a master of political marketing.

He has won so many elections by appealing to a narrow segment of the electorate.

That includes the white working class, which, for decades, the GOP lost in the presidential election.

So, it really is up to Trump and Republicans to appeal not just to a broad swath of the country, but to a small group of the voters that they have lost the support of over the last 20 years.

That segment of Americans who are now voting against Trump are the voters the Republican is now targeting with this campaign.

So they have to get back to that base.

They will lose this election.

But they have a better chance to win in 2018 if they can continue to win primaries and caucuses that appeal to these voters.

In fact, if the GOP can win primaries, it will have a clear path to victory in the midterm elections in 2018.

So that is why the GOP must do everything they can to win back their base.

It may be a long and difficult road, but there are things they can do.

If the GOP continues to lose elections, and if the base loses interest in the party and becomes disillusioned, the party will have nowhere to go but down.

They need to find ways to reconnect to the voters they lost the election to, and the voters in that base who are frustrated by the Republican brand.

They also need to change the tone of the campaign, which has been too negative.

And they need to do more outreach to minorities, particularly to women, because the Republican base is increasingly voting against women.

There is no doubt that the GOP should be looking at ways to appeal more to minority voters, but their outreach efforts are not succeeding.

They must be reaching out again.

They’ve had a lot of success with that strategy, but if they are to get their base back, they have only one path to doing so: they must find a path to win the presidency.

So the next step for the Republicans is to find that path.

They know that if they continue to lose, it is going to have a devastating effect on their brand.

It will be a terrible loss for the party because it will be so difficult to rebuild.

And so, the Republican candidate must appeal to voters who feel like they’re no longer part of the party that they belong to.

And that’s the message that they should be putting out right now.

The next step is to make sure that the Republican