Today is a big day for sports, with a slew of sporting events including the NFL, NBA and MLB all expected to be streamed live from stadiums across the globe.

But what happens if you can’t watch the game, or the games aren’t on your TV?

Well, that’s where a new service from Reddit Games called Reddit Games comes in.

The service, which launched today and will be available on all major platforms, allows you to watch any live sports game, whether it’s on YouTube or the web, via the Reddit app.

It works by connecting to Reddit’s servers and letting you see all live streams on a specific date and time, so you can check out what’s happening right now.

To start watching games, just click the “live” link in the Reddit Games app and follow the instructions.

You’ll be prompted to create a Reddit account to log in.

If you’re new to Reddit, you’ll also need to register an account first.

Once you’ve registered, you can follow the steps to download a few apps and add a new game to your queue.

If there are games you want to watch, you just need to click the game’s link and wait until you see the live stream on Reddit.

The app will also allow you to search for live streams by category.

When you’ve finished watching a game, you will be prompted if you want a game to be archived on Reddit and to show it in your “live games” queue.

Just click “archive” to save your game and watch it again later.

To add a game you’ve watched live, just scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select “Add a new live game.”

You’ll then be presented with the options for “save the game as” and “save as .mov file.”

If you have any questions, you may contact Reddit Games at [email protected]