The Cowboys have a good shot to win the Super Bowl.

So why is there so much emotion?

We asked a few Cowboys fans why they love the team so much.

The players are awesome.

They are a tough team.

They’re the best defense in the NFL.

You can go in there and make plays.

And then, you’re a little bit like, well, I guess I’m better than you.

The quarterback position is a bit of a minefield.

It’s a battle, man.

There’s a lot of different quarterbacks, but I think they’ve got a lot going for them.

They got good depth at the position.

They’ve got some very talented players that can play.

You know, the running back position is very deep.

You’ve got to be very patient with them.

I’m sure that they’re going to get some good plays, too.

And I think you’ve got the defense that’s got some young talent.

The team has a good, cohesive offense.

I love that.

They have a lot to prove in the playoffs.

But they’ve made it to the playoffs, and I love them for that.

I think this team has the potential to be a playoff team.

But it’s going to take a lot more than just a playoff run to make that happen.

The fans are just as passionate about their team as I am.

I just want to see them get better, and that’s what I’m excited about.

I’ve never been more proud of anything in my life.

I want to be here and I’m here now.

It gives me so much joy.

I hope we’re winning, but that’s for the playoffs and all that.

The fans love the game.

They want to win.

It doesn’t matter who we’re playing.

I don’t care.

They just want us to win and play the game hard.

That’s what they want.

It just makes it so much fun to watch.

The best part about being a fan of the Cowboys is, I get to sit in the front row of the stadium.

It makes it all the more special.

It really does.

The Cowboys have been here for 25 years.

They started in 1983.

It was the Cowboys’ first season in Dallas, and it was the team that gave the NFL its first Super Bowl title.

They won it.

That was the pinnacle.

It’s a little hard to explain what it’s like to be in that stadium.

You sit there and you watch the games.

You get so emotional watching it, and you know that there’s so much more to come.

You have a chance to be on a championship team.

And when the team does that, you get to see how it all goes down.

It could be a very emotional game.

You’re excited to be part of it.

The game is great, but you want to go out and play.

I know the fans love their team, too, and the game is a little too physical for me.

I hate that.

But I’m going to watch it.

It feels good.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

We’ve had a lot, but the playoffs is the best part.

I always have a great feeling about it.

You want to make it to that Super Bowl and you’re going home with that championship ring, and then it’s just another day.