An Irish Game show on the Irish island of Kildare, which is currently experiencing the effects of flooding, has received a huge amount of interest from visitors.

Gaelic games are very popular in Ireland, so a show on a smaller scale has been popular with visitors.

Kildare is located in the North of Ireland, in the west of the country.

The show was staged on the weekend of January 21 and 22, with a grand opening event on January 23.

There were some huge crowds of people who came to the event.

Many people were showing off their games, such as a game about football.

The Irish Game shows were organised by the Game Society of Killeen, an organisation of Gaelic language speakers in the United States.

The Gaelic games were shown on a small screen and were presented by a variety of local Gaelic speakers, including people from the city of Kilmarnock.

One of the hosts, Patrían Ní Chultheil, said he hoped the games would be a popular attraction for the city.

“There’s a huge population in the city and this is an opportunity for the local community to show that they’re part of the Gaelic culture and we want to show them that we can be there for them,” he said.