You might have noticed something weird about how the store has changed over the years: instead of having the best-selling games in stock, it now has a collection of games that have been discounted.

The reason for the change is a recent acquisition by the company that will eventually house the entire catalog.

In a press release, the company says that the new store is an opportunity to create new opportunities for consumers to get the best deals.

“We’re not only looking for ways to keep people coming back for more, we’re also trying to create a place where they can be more confident about their buying decisions and find more titles and experiences to play,” says John Voss, President and CEO of Epic Games, in a press statement.

“The new store will include an incredible selection of the best indie and triple-A titles from both big and small publishers.

We want to ensure that consumers have the tools to make the best choices and we’re committed to making sure that our customers can do that.”

There are also some new features to the new Epic Games store.

It’s been updated with a new look, with a cleaner and more professional feel.

It also features a new game-search engine that is powered by the latest GameRankings data, as well as a revamped interface for ordering.

The store also now has an app for the Xbox 360, with the ability to buy and download games from the store for free.