The New York Knicks and Boston Celtics are the only two teams to win the NBA Finals in the last five years.

The rest of the NBA is just now getting there.

New York and Boston have played in seven consecutive NBA Finals games.

That’s a stretch that began in 2010.

The Knicks have made it six straight seasons with five straight postseason appearances.

The Celtics have won six straight.

The Nets have won four straight and the Celtics have only played in two of those.

This is what it takes to win.

It’s why the Brooklyn Nets, Brooklyn Celtics, and New York Giants are the best teams in the NBA.

They have been for five straight seasons.

New York and New England have won seven straight games.

Boston has won seven games.

Cleveland, which won six in a row this season, is currently the only team in the Eastern Conference who hasn’t made the playoffs.

Brooklyn and Boston both have the league’s third-most wins (543) and second-most regular-season wins (622).

The Knicks and Celtics both have a plus-110.5 combined win differential.

New Orleans has the best net rating in the league with a +26.5.

Both teams rank in the top 20 in the playoff field.

New England and Miami have the second-best offensive rating in basketball.

Both are ranked in the bottom two in the conference standings.

The Celtics and Knicks are two of just five teams in history to make the playoffs five straight years.

Boston also has won three straight after winning six straight from 2003-07.

New Jersey and the Knicks are the other five teams to do so.