Israel’s military has released more than a thousand prisoners after the Islamic State group claimed responsibility for an attack on a military facility in southern Israel that left one soldier dead and another injured.

The IDF confirmed the death of the soldier killed on Tuesday.

It said he was the commander of a brigade in the eastern Golan Heights region and was in the army training center in the village of Yitzhar, which is close to the Syrian border.

The wounded soldier is a colonel in the 5th infantry brigade.

The Israeli military has not yet released his name or his status.

The soldiers killed were part of a special force sent to the area to protect the training center.

The IS group claimed responsibilty for the attack on the Golan base on Tuesday evening, after it carried out a suicide bombing on a convoy of vehicles on the highway leading from Syria to Israel.

The Israeli military said in a statement on Wednesday that the attack was carried out by an “enemy unit of the terrorist organization.”

The Israeli forces later killed five IS militants.

The military said the attack came after two IS fighters detonated a suicide vest, killing three soldiers, in the Gush Etzion region of the Goyim Basin.

The Golan is a contested area between Israel and Syria, where IS has established a stronghold in recent years.

Israel has long fought IS militants in the area, but it has long been reluctant to take on the group.

Israel launched Operation Protective Edge last year to try to prevent IS from crossing into its territory.