Jackbox games has released a new online game called Jackbox Sports, which has a similar design to that of “The Sims” but with a slightly different game mode.

“Jackbox Sports” allows you to play with your friends and family as they compete in an online version of the popular “Sims” franchise, according to the site.

It’s not clear what the goal of “Jackpot Sports” is other than for friends to play together and enjoy their favorite games.

There’s no word yet on how long the game will be available for purchase.

The site also posted an interview with the developer.

“In this interview, we talk about the game, how it came to be, what the team is working on, and how Jackbox’s sports-oriented, fun and engaging approach to games has become an important part of its audience,” the site said.

Jackbox also has an adult games store on its site, and it has also made other adult games, including one called “Suitcase” that is for adults.

Jackboxing, a games site for parents and grandparents, was started in 2007 by former AOL employee Dan Harmon.

He said he wanted to create a place where parents could play their kids games online, but that he was worried about the gaming community not being diverse enough.

Harmon told the Washington Post in 2015 that he didn’t want to make “kids games for kids,” but he also added that he believed “parents and grandparents should be able to play their games with their kids.”

He said that his goal was to create “a place where kids and their parents can share their games, and for kids to have that fun, to have those games to play.”