By now you’ve probably seen the news of Rocket League, a new video game coming to Nintendo Switch.

And, in fact, it’s a lot like Rocket League on the Wii.

The first-person shooter has you driving rockets around a stadium in a huge field, destroying the opposing teams goal.

The game was released last year on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but there are now many versions available for both consoles.

The Wii U version is more popular, as it’s been released on more platforms, and has a better user interface than the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions.

Here are some of the main differences between the Xbox and PS4 versions: Gameplay: There are now three different games available for the Nintendo Switch, but the Wii version has a more casual, casual style.

Instead of playing as a team of two players, you can play with one or more players from your friends list, and your team will fight alongside the other team.

There are also two modes of play: Team Battle mode, which is the most popular, and Team Deathmatch, which has players playing as their own team against other teams.

The main difference between the two versions is the online functionality.

The Xbox One version will have online lobbies for matches, while the PS4 version has offline lobbies.

There’s also a free online mode, as well as a multiplayer option for the Xbox one version and an in-game currency called “Rocket Points.”

You can earn them by destroying rockets, collecting coins, and collecting Rocket Boosts.