The Bengals and their franchise tag are up for grabs, and they’re the only teams left in the NFL that haven’t already given up their right to negotiate the deal.

If the two sides fail to reach a deal, the team would forfeit a first-round pick.

So how can we get excited about this?

Well, the Browns and Raiders are both in the bidding, as is the 49ers.

Both have their own tag issues, and both are still in a tight spot.

The Bengals are currently scheduled to play at the Broncos in Denver on Sept. 16.

That means it’s time for the Bengals to give up their franchise.

There’s no telling how much time has passed since the Bengals made a move in March, but if they do, the next logical step is to get rid of the tag and start the process all over again.

If the Browns don’t trade their tag to the Raiders, the Bengals could use a first round pick to secure a top free agent and then go out and re-sign him to the tag.

But if the Bengals are forced to trade the tag to a team, the Raiders could be the only team left that hasn’t already committed to a long-term deal.

So the Raiders can trade their right for a top pick.

If they decide to keep their tag, the Chargers could be a good fit, since they could trade up from No. 3 in the draft.

San Diego is the only other team that hasn, so far, made an offer for either of those players.

But they’re still a couple of weeks away from making an offer, so they’ll have to wait until the week of the draft before they make an offer.

The Browns have already announced their intent to keep the tag on their players, but the team has yet to say how they’ll go about doing so.

So what does that mean?

It means the Browns are going to have to negotiate a long term deal, and that’s something they’re going to be facing off against the Raiders and Broncos for now.

The Browns and Bengals are both set to play the Raiders on Sunday.