Brock Ossoff is officially the #1 QB in the NFL draft, according to ESPN draft analyst Mike Mayock.

The Broncos should take a quarterback, he said.

I’m not saying they should take Osweil, but the Broncos need to make a decision on him.

They need to do that now, Mayock said on “Mike and Mike.”

There are some questions surrounding Osweillers ability to throw the ball.

He threw just six interceptions last season.

The former Oklahoma Sooners signal-caller threw for just 684 yards, with six touchdowns, and 12 interceptions.

In the NFL, a QB can’t be an NFL starter unless he’s the No. 1 overall pick.

The Chiefs have the No.-1 pick.

They’ll have to take a QB, according the NFL’s rules, according ESPN draft expert Mike Mayhew.

I’d say they’ve got a chance to get that one.

The Browns are the #2 pick.

I think they’re in position to take him, and if they do they’ll have a lot of competition for that pick, according Mayhew on “The Mike & Mike Show.”

The Browns should be in the mix, but it’s a toss-up whether they take Ossoffer or someone else.

The Texans, Patriots and Jaguars all have quarterback prospects.

They could use a franchise QB to take the pressure off Brock Osbe and help keep the offense fresh for the future.

The Colts have the #3 pick.

I think they can do a lot with that pick if they want to, Mayhew said.

They could use that to take someone like Brock Osgood or Brock Osbad or somebody else, but I think the biggest priority for them is Osweiller.

They can go ahead and take Brock Oswell if they need to.

They have a really good shot at getting him.

I just think it’s time to get rid of Brock Osworth.

There are a lot other QBs in the draft, but Osweills ability to play the position could be enough to land him.

Mayhew said the Chiefs and Texans have the best chance of landing Osweils pick.