By Chris Woods, Reuters – Nintendo will soon sell its games consoles online for a fraction of the retail price, the company said on Thursday, in a move that could drive down the cost of buying games consoles.

Nintendo said the online-only service would allow gamers to buy a game for $40 and receive it in 30 days for $80, or $150 in retail price.

It also said the service would be free to users.

“This new service will bring gamers from around the world closer together, enabling them to enjoy games in an enjoyable and secure way,” said Mario, Nintendo’s senior vice president of business development.

Nintendo’s online service is not available in Europe, but the company says it will add the service in Asia.

Nintendo’s plan to offer its consoles online also follows similar moves by Microsoft Corp and Sony Corp.

Microsoft and Sony announced earlier this year that they would open up their online-focused Xbox Live gaming service to gamers for $10 a month.

The online service also allows gamers to log into Xbox Live to play online games, as well as to chat with friends and play games.