Prodigy, the company behind the popular Prodigy gaming console, announced a new gaming device earlier this week.

The new Prodigy Gaming Cube, which was announced in March, is the latest addition to its line of gaming consoles.

The Cube is a modular gaming console that can be made into an Xbox One or PS4.

The Prodigy Cube is one of the first gaming consoles that can play games at 1080p resolution, making it a great alternative to more traditional gaming consoles like the Xbox One S and PS4 Pro.

The cube is powered by a powerful Intel Core i7 processor, and features up to four NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics cards in the box.

The console also includes the ability to support up to 12 hours of play time.

It comes in three colors, a black version, and a silver version.

Prodigy also announced a brand new Prodigal series of gaming headsets.

These gaming headsets are designed for use with Prodigals and will be compatible with the Prodigy Prodigy Series of gaming products.

The first pair of ProdigALes will come with the latest in gaming technology, including a new Dolby Atmos audio system, which is capable of delivering a more immersive sound experience than ever before.

The company is also offering a new ProdAmax gaming headset, which will be a fully integrated, full-size, Bluetooth-enabled, wireless headset that will work with Prodamax controllers.

Finally, Prodigy announced that it has partnered with Twitch to offer a premium subscription service, ProdAMax Gaming, to its users.

ProdAMAX is a subscription service that provides gamers with access to Twitch and other gaming platforms, including the ProdigAMax Prodigy Controller, which comes with a premium wireless controller.