Prodigy Games, the startup that makes prodigy games, is launching a new app called Prodigy, which is designed to teach people how to make prodigy-style games.

The company is calling the app “Prodigy Game Maker,” and it will be available on iOS and Android devices in the next few weeks.

“This is not your typical video game,” the company says on its website.

“Instead, Prodigy Game maker is designed as a tool to help prodigies build their own games.”

Prodigy will be made by a group of developers who work closely together.

The app will have “a community-driven process that lets people contribute, share their work, and build on the work of others.”

The team plans to work with “a range of talented developers,” including “some who have made professionally acclaimed games,” the description for the app reads.

The team will also have access to “producers, producers, producers.”

Prodigy will not offer “money to creators,” but will let them share in revenue “when a game is completed and sold.”

Prodigies can be “young and inexperienced.”

The app is being built by the same team who created the popular Prodigy app, which “has helped thousands of kids and adults to master math, physics, and many other subjects,” the site reads.

“Prodigities can be young and inexperienced, and we want to make sure that they’re able to work on their own in order to make the best game possible.”

ProdGestures is also launching its own Prodigy game, Prodigies, which will feature a learning-based curriculum that will be free to users.

The Prodigy games have been made popular by their ability to teach a range of subjects from chemistry to geography.

The Prodigges include games like How to Build a Game, and How to Make a Prodigy.