Peyton Manning, Brock Osvander, and the Indianapolis Colts will square off against each other again in a rematch at home on Sunday.

The Indianapolis Colts are going to go for the win, which would be their fourth consecutive home win, and will be looking for revenge after their first loss of the season, to the Denver Broncos. 

After Peyton Manning’s game-winning touchdown catch against the Kansas City Chiefs, the Colts went on a seven-game winning streak, and won five of their first six games of the 2016 season.

But on the road against the New England Patriots, Peyton Manning had to do something in the final minute of the game to ensure the victory. 

When the ball was snapped and Manning took off running toward the end zone, the crowd went wild.

The fans chanted “Manning!” as he ran down the field.

This time, the fans were chanting “Osweiler!” when he crossed the goal line.

It’s a rematch, but it won’t be a game that the Colts are very happy about.

 “We’ll see what happens next,” Colts coach Chuck Pagano told reporters in January.

“We’re very excited to get back there.

But we’ll be prepared to fight.

We’ll be ready to win.”

That said, it’s unlikely that the fans will get a second chance at the Broncos game.

The Broncos won by a touchdown against the Indianapolis Jaguars in Week 10, and were in a tight battle for the AFC West title with the Los Angeles Chargers, who were favored to win the division.

But after a 24-20 victory over the Patriots, the Chargers came away with a bye.

In Week 12, the Broncos fell to the Houston Texans, 21-17, and their fans chanted, “We want Brock!

We want Brock!”

The Texans beat the Colts in the first round of the playoffs, but lost to the Chiefs in the Super Bowl.