The 49ers QB went up against the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game last year.

So he knew a lot about how they do things, and this year he’s got a lot of catching up to do.

“They’re a lot more physical,” Kaepernick said.

“They’re not afraid to take you out of the pocket.

They’re not going to throw you off balance.

You’re not gonna be able to run.

You can’t just throw it out there. “

The fact they play fast is a good thing.

You can’t just throw it out there.

You gotta keep your feet on the ground and your hips moving.

They’ll take you down if you don’t keep moving your feet.”

Kaepernick’s been one of the most vocal defenders of the Patriots’ aggressive playstyle, and it shows on Sunday.

He’s made it clear he doesn’t like to be in a defensive position.

And the 49ers linebacker isn’t going to be surprised when his quarterback takes a hit.

The 49ers are the No. 1 team in total defense and are third in the league in yards allowed per game.

They are also third in points allowed per play.

They also are sixth in points scored.

Kapernick is averaging just 13.8 yards per pass attempt and his team is allowing just 29.8.

That’s not a lot when you consider they’ve allowed the NFL’s second-most rushing yards per game at 4.3 yards per carry.

But there’s more to it than that.

The Patriots have been the best team in the NFL in terms of scoring defense over the past five years, and Kaepernick is among the league leaders in yards per rush.

He’s been a big reason why.

He is second in the NFC with a league-best 10.0 yards per attempt and is third in yards after contact per pass play (11.1).

His average of 7.5 yards per catch ranks third among qualified players.