Game Boy Color, Nintendo’s most recent entry in the video game console line, is expected to be the first to receive a new color scheme.

The company’s new line of game consoles, announced at its Worldwide Partner Conference in Las Vegas on Monday, is named “Game Boy Color” for the “future” of gaming.

The company plans to introduce two more devices, including a handheld version of the handheld console.

The game consoles will be available in Japan and China, and will cost roughly $150.

According to a press release, “the Game Boy Classic Color will be the next great home entertainment device and will be a true Game Boy masterpiece,” according to Nintendo.

The new Game Boy will feature the same sleek, rounded design of the current Game Boy Advance, which debuted in 1997.

The Game Boy’s unique design and color palette will make it a perfect choice for a home entertainment system, with the color scheme coming in black and white, blue and green, silver and red.

The Game Boy, which was first released in 1999, features the most powerful processor ever to hit a video game system, the PowerNES processor, which is still in production today.

It also features the power to play the NES classic games on a portable.

The power of the NES Classic is also utilized in the Game Boy color, which will allow gamers to customize the color to their liking.

Nintendo has also released a Color Converter that allows gamers to change the color of their Game Boy to match their own home décor.

The PowerNES is also used in the NES, Super NES, Game Boy and Nintendo DS, and the new Game Boys will use the PowerGenes processor to handle graphics and other functions.

The new Game-Boy Color is also capable of running Android and iOS apps, and has a 5.1-inch, 480p display.

In addition to the new game console, Nintendo also announced plans for a new mobile gaming device.

The “Game-Boy Advance+”, which is said to be similar in size to the existing Game Boy with Bluetooth, will have a 4.8-inch display, as well as support for NFC and 3G cellular networks.

It will feature “enhanced performance,” according the press release.

Nintendo is also planning to introduce a new tablet-based game console.

Called the Game-Pad, the new device will have “greater capabilities” and will also feature a touchscreen.

It’s said to launch this fall.