With the Eagles winning the Super Bowl, the NFC East is in serious danger of being split in two.

It was only a matter of time before one team was left out.

Now, the other is in play.

Here’s how to watch it all.

Read moreThe Eagles are the NFL’s most decorated team, winning six Super Bowls and making the playoffs four times.

The Eagles are in the middle of a 12-year run in which they won a record 14 NFC Championship Games, making them the longest active streak in the game.

They are the only team in the NFL to have won 10 or more championships in six consecutive seasons.

The last Eagles team to win 10 or fewer Super Bowl titles was the 2000 team that won eight.

This is the first time in NFL history that two teams are going to face off in the Superdome, the venue where the Eagles have played since they moved to Philadelphia in 1967.

The previous time was in the NFC Championship game in 2008, when the Packers lost to the Falcons.

The other is the third time that two NFC teams have played in a Super Bowl.

The first was in 2000, when Atlanta beat Green Bay in the divisional round.

This time, the Packers will face the Falcons, who defeated the Eagles in Super Bowl XLII.

The NFC East and NFC North will meet in the final playoff spot in the East, the division that includes New England, Dallas and Chicago.

The NFC South will meet at home in the wild-card round.

The AFC will face off against the AFC West.

This will be the last time the AFC faces off against a playoff team from the AFC.

In the NFC, the Patriots and Cowboys will meet for the NFC West title, and the Eagles and Saints will meet to decide the NFC South title.

The Vikings and Panthers will face each other in the playoffs.

The Saints have already been eliminated from the playoffs, and it’s looking like the Vikings will be looking for a way back to the playoffs before the end of the season.

Here are some of the other NFC matchups to watch for in Los Angeles:The Falcons are coming off a bye, and are expected to play the Saints in the Divisional Round.

The Panthers are coming into their bye week, and have a tough game against the Giants in Week 13.

The Seahawks have a bye in Week 16, and a tough match against the 49ers in Week 17.

The Saints have a game against Seattle in Week 2, but they also have a road game against a wild-Card team in Dallas in Week 3.

The Cowboys have a trip to Seattle in the preseason, and also have an appearance in the Wild Card game.

The Vikings have a big game against Tampa Bay in Week 1, and play the Panthers in Week 8.

The Rams have a home game against Minnesota in Week 9, and then have a visit to the Cardinals in Week 10.

The Cardinals play at home against Atlanta in Week 11, and face off the Vikings in Week 12.

The Seahawks play at the Eagles on Thursday, and win their divisional matchup against the Rams in Week 14.

The Falcons host the Saints at home.

The Cowboys play the Packers at home, and lose in Week 4.

The 49ers play at Arizona, and go on a five-game win streak to end the season, including a win over the Packers in Week 5.

The Bengals lose at home to the Packers.

The Panthers play the Patriots in Week 7, and come out with a win.

The Titans play at Atlanta in the opener.

The Steelers play the Rams at home and lose.

The Browns lose at the Bears in Week 6.

The Falcons play at Dallas in the regular season finale.

The Broncos play the Ravens in Week 15.

The Redskins play the Browns at home after losing at home last week, but come out victorious against the Ravens.

The Bears play at San Francisco in Week 18.

The Bears lose at Washington in Week 20.

The Bengals lose to the Lions in Week 22.

The Ravens lose to Baltimore in Week 24.

The Rams lose at New Orleans in Week 27.

The Titans lose to Kansas City in Week 28.

The Chargers lose to Washington in the season finale at San Diego.

The Giants lose at Arizona in Week 30.

The Packers lose at San Jose in Week 31.

The Colts lose at Philadelphia in Week 32.

The Patriots lose at Miami in Week 33.

The Lions lose to Cleveland in Week 34.

The Buccaneers lose to Cincinnati in Week 35.

The Cardinals lose to Green Bay.

The Chiefs lose at Oakland in Week 36.

The Raiders lose to Arizona in the postseason.

The Jaguars lose to Minnesota in the playoff.

The Browns lose to Detroit in the AFC Championship Game.

The Texans lose at Houston in Week 38.

The Bills lose at Cincinnati in the first round.

The Jets lose at Tampa Bay.

The Redskins lose to San Diego in the second round.

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