A game called Solitaire has gone viral online after winning a $5 million prize from the US government.

The game, which uses a game engine to generate images and video, is currently online with the US Treasury Department offering $5m in prizes.

The money is earmarked for the American Red Cross, the Red Cross Foundation, and the American Diabetes Association.

In a video posted on the official Facebook page of the Red, White and Blue Project, the team behind the game, Daniel Bovey and David Boveys, explain the motivation behind the win.

“We have a real opportunity to show our support for the people who have given us their time and their efforts, and to do it for them,” the video reads.

“Our work and sacrifice will benefit the Red Crescent and our communities across the globe.”

The game was originally created by Daniel Bosteys, David Bostes and Daniel Bovedys.

It is based on a computer program that they created to simulate a game called Poker.

The team behind Solitaire was able to use their skills as programmers to create an algorithm that allows them to generate more complex images and videos with the help of special effects.

The algorithm was then used to create more realistic, high-resolution images of a number of different locations, including the White House, the Vatican, and other locations in the US.

“With the right tool, we can make this game even more interactive and memorable, and make it possible to share the love and joy that is our country with everyone,” the team said.

The winners of the $5million prize are as follows: $2.5m to the US Red Cross