NFL teams and their players are taking a break from the field for the first time this season.

Here’s a look at what’s going on, what we know, and what we still need to know.1.

What’s the schedule?NFL teams and players will practice, run and work out on Wednesday in London.

Then they’ll travel to Chicago for the All-Star Game on Thursday.

They’ll then fly to New Orleans for the Super Bowl on Sunday.

It’s a three-day break from football that’s expected to last for two weeks.

There are still no official dates for the NFL’s regular season opener in January, but the teams that open it will be the New England Patriots, Denver Broncos and Green Bay Packers.

They’ve already said they’re aiming for a Jan. 3 kickoff, but a lot of the rest of the schedule is still subject to change.2.

Is there any chance the Bears and Packers might play this season?

It’s possible, but it’s unlikely.

Bears head coach Marc Trestman told reporters he’d like to see more of the game this season and that he’d rather the game not be played on turf.

The Packers have made the decision to keep the regular season on the turf and not move it to a neutral site in 2019, but Trestmen said he doesn’t want to play it on grass again.3.

Will the Patriots be able to use their 2017 bye week?

Trestman said he didn’t think the team would be able forgoing their 2017 game against the Jets, saying, “I think the Jets would like to get this done.

The only reason I wouldn’t say it’s possible is if we go out and play the Packers.”4.

What happens if the Patriots and Packers play again in 2020?

Trent Richardson will be in the lineup for the Patriots in 2020.

Richardson, who has missed the past two seasons because of a foot injury, was not on the field with the team in 2018.

But he will return in 2020 if the Jets and Patriots both win the Superbowl.

The Patriots would host the Patriots at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass., in the final game of the regular-season series.

The game would be televised on NBC.

The Jets would play the Patriots.5.

Who is the best quarterback in the league?

It could be any of them, but if it’s the Patriots or the Jets this year, it’s probably the Jets.

It would be tough for the Browns to pass on the chance to win a Super Bowl, given their history.

But the Bears have been looking at quarterbacks in recent years, including Josh McCown, Matt Barkley, Jay Cutler and Sam Bradford.6.

What is the NFL playoff schedule?

The playoffs are a wild card.

Each division has a wild-card game, with the winner of the divisional round going on to play the loser in the wild-cards.

The winner of that game has a shot at a wild game in the first round.

The loser gets a wild bye.

The AFC South and NFC North have a bye.7.

Who are the top five rookies in the NFL?

Five rookies in all, including five who have played in a game.

They’re quarterback Tyler Bray, wide receiver Brandin Cooks, defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson and safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix.

They have the most NFL rookie rushing yards in a single season.8.

What was the last NFL regular-year playoff game?

In 2012, the Packers beat the Patriots 23-10 in the Wild Card round, but Aaron Rodgers would only record five passes for 59 yards and one touchdown against the Seahawks.

The next year, the Patriots beat the Bears 24-7.9.

Who was the highest-paid player in the past 10 years?

The top five players on NFL rosters in 2017 were all drafted in the third round or later.

This includes tight end Greg Olsen ($9 million), cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie ($7 million), defensive end Aaron Donald ($5 million) and cornerback Jabrill Peppers ($4.5 million).10.

Who won the Superbowl?

It was the 49ers over the Broncos, but they beat the Panthers.

The Super Bowl winner was the Patriots over the Bears.