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Crazy Miriam

Crazy Miriam (identity development) strategy, design and messaging applied to retail product To lure the coveted younger market, awash in new tea options, demanded a carefully-crafted strategy built with their preferences in mind. We started from a position of strength80% of our team qualified as youthand built our understanding with informal interviews and focus groups. We set the bar high: make tea universally appealing to young and old, male and female, drinkers and non-drinkers. Serve it in a place and a way that makes non-drinkers comfortable. Balance the two ways to enjoy tea: privately (as to pause and shift mood) and publicly (as to socialize). To stand out, we needed an entirely new concept not dependent on teas overused history or ethnicity.

Finding an identity that bridged the disparity between our clients (Miriam) sense of self and what would captivate the market of tomorrow was not easy. She preferred names and visuals along the aesthetic lines of her current retail space: an eclectic mix of Asian pieces gathered in her travels into a shrine to the spiritual side of tea presided over by multiple buddhas. We proposed a plethora of modern, neutral names and visual concepts that we felt would succeed...and she felt had no soul.

Enter Crazy Miriam: a youthful name that would stand out in the marketplace but also fit its namesake. Crazy in the informal and vernacular sense (crazy good, crazy late, crazy fun, crazy!) met crazy in the charismatic all-over-the-place Miriam sense (this woman chases people down the street asking if its time for tea). Best of all is Crazy Miriams natural extensibility, easily inspiring PR angles, viral tactics and buzz campaigns. Unfortunately, you wont see Crazy Miriam cropping up everywhere as the project never materialized.

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