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Design Miami

Design05 Miami (identity development)
design and messaging applied to event collateral
In 2004, Amy Lau of Forms of Design (now Amy Lau Design) was a very talented interior designer whod just been named one of Americas 25 Top Young Designers by House Beautiful. No doubt about it, Amy was on the brink. Since, she has completed the interior for the Aqua model home, part of Craig Robins planned modernist community on Alison Island. This Dacra Development projectfrom the developer credited with sparking the general rebirth of South Beach and the Miami Design Districtunited modernist architects, artists and interior designers to create a true sense of community among an exclusive group of residents.

Amy attracted a high-powered community again with her next brainchild: Design.05 (now Design Miami), a groundbreaking cultural event that brought together never-before-gathered design enthusiasts, art collectors and decision makers of myriad nationalities and aesthetic interests. Planned to coincide with the art fair Art Basel, and built around honoring a luminary in the field (Zaha Hadid and Marc Newson), this launch gave us the chance to create an event identity that itself embodied the ever-blurring boundaries between art, architecture and design.

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