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Mercato (identity development)
applied to signage, menus, website
Francesco Buitoni is from Rome and is a seventh generation pasta maker from the Buitoni Pasta & Perugina Chocolate family. He grew up in an environment where eating is breathing and food is air, to be shared by all. To Italians every meal is important to ones physical and spiritual well-being. As they say in Italy, one never grows old at the table. His professional career in food began in NYC working in the kitchens of his Zias restaurant Al Bacio and his cousins restaurant Pasta & Dreams; other restaurant stints included San Domenico, Teodora, Bettola & Gemmelie.

When Francesco and his wife Michele opened their own establishment, Mercato, the challenge was to create an identity for the restaurant that translated this rich family tradition into a differentiated and recognizable mark. The warm red in the logo complements the golden tones of harvested wheat to hint at the authentic Italian dining experience. Signage and menus reinforce the Mercato brand: sharing the culinary delight of expertly and simply prepared top-notch ingredients (local whenever possible). Photography on the companys website depicts diners throughout Mercatos Italian farmhouse-inspired dining room, enjoying their award-winning rustic Italian fare.

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