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The Rooms

The rooms beer and wine bars (identity development and evolution) The results of our work are most dramatic when we take a brand lived daily (nightly) and use it to create a comprehensive marketing plan. Collaborating with an entrepreneur for whom no detail is too small, we designed, branded and promoted a family of beer and wine bars that originated in New York and expanded to Miami Beach and Venice Beach. Starting with the unfinished beauty of early 20th-century architecture, we designed interiors that were among the first to recast raw-brick-and-firedoor industrial as luxurious. Local artisans were commissioned to create one-of-a-kind fixtures; we added a veneer of comfort with decadent banquettes, gentle candlelight and a seasonal art gallery.

Instead of traditional promotions, we turned the usual bar-related materials into gift-like momentous. Engraved embossed business cards on double-thick, textured paper are worthy of saving. A promotional piece displayed on the barsevocative of the thousand rendezvous witnessed nightlystarts conversations. Every other itemmatchboxes, tee shirts, and the websitebe speak the sophisticated yet understated approach to life and business at the Rooms.

Presswhich has included Wallpaper, Cond Nast Traveler, Travel + Leisure, New York Magazine, Village Voice, Time Out, Paper, LA Magazine, Malibu, CitySearch, and Daily Candycelebrated the Rooms as pioneers since the beginning. By making sure what happens at the Room never turns up on Page Six, the Rooms keeps people (celebrity and otherwise) coming back for more.

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