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Warren Systems Group

Warren Systems Group (identity evolution)
strategy and messaging applied to marketing collateral
For Warren Systems Group, a company that offers premium IT services to the investment community, the goal was to position themselves more effectively to win contracts from the accomplished asset management firms they target. Though these institutions demand a high standard of technology and availabilitya trading system down for seconds can cost a fund millionswe realized that touting the latest technological products and services was not the way to win them over. WSGs clients pay them so they, as an institution, dont have to learn the ins and outs of the IT business. It was easy to make Warren Systems Group stand out from its larger competitors by focusing on the benefits of their services and eschewing the kind of technical jargon that competitors marketing materials employed to impress potential clients.

To unite two disparate segments of the market (the hedge fund managers who are often carrying on a profession that has been in the family for generations and the brasher, self-made traders), we created sales and promotional collateral that employed luxurious materials and a dignified voice (wise technology for the investment community) to capitalize on the fact that WSGs clients, despite their differences, are all the kind of people who want to buy the bestwhether cufflinks or cars or technology.

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