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Ohana Medical

Ohana Medical (identity development)
anticipated launch summer 2009
A challenge for any new brand in a conservative industry is to stand out without standing alone. That was the situation for Ohana Medical, a start-up medical device company. The client wanted to be different and distinctive, but the more traditional branding environment (i.e. healthcare) discouraged creating a flashy identity. Enter mm (identity lab). We concentrated on Ohana’s mission to create products that enable patients to “return to their family”, along with the client’s vision of an organic, eco-friendly sensibility (as opposed to an edgy, overly technical identity). The resulting brand is sophisticated, soothing and versatile. A “leaf pinwheel” demonstrates growth and evolution, synonymous with medical device development. A color palette of subtle greens and grays is complementary enough to the industry’s prevalent blue tones to remain familiar for potential investors and partners, yet clearly demonstrates originality.