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mm (identity lab) has a seven-year tradition of creating one-of-a-kind calendar works of art, both to celebrate the new year and also as a way to thank clients for their business. The calendars are based on the Chinese zodiac, and have included the horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, pig and rat. In 2009, mm (identity lab) collaborated with StrateGente to create the Year of the Ox calendar. While developing the theme for this year, the deepening recession gave inspiration to the concept of planning through adversity and harnessing the Ox’ core characteristics: strength, wisdom, patience and humility. The idea of harvesting hope was further expanded by inserting a packet of Oxalis bulbs into the calendar tube. This “good luck plant” reminded recipients to prepare for Roar of the Tiger in 2010! The reflective grey-blue color and sienna earth tones reinforce the ox’ strength and contemplative nature. The whimsical floral pattern and playful font usage  “nurture anticipation, feed imagination”. A year to plan. A year for growth. Consider the possibility.

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